Monday, March 23, 2009

El Centro and El Centro

Mary is here and we are having a great time around Quito.

Yesterday we started out with a giant fruit bowl at our hotel. We then climbed up lots of stairs to a park overlooking the city, and had banana pancakes at a cafe there.  Then we went to El Centro (the old town), where we walked around, saw old buildings, and churches.  Had a plaintain and cheese empanada for a snack.  After some resting, we went to dinner in the New Town at a Mediterranean place.

Today we took a trip to the monument where the measurements were made to show where the Equator is.  Took lots of pictures on the "Equator Line".  Then we walked down the block a few hundred meters, to the site where current techonolical measurements put the REAL equator.  Took a nice tour of that site and took more pictures on the "actual" equator. 

Headed back into town for lunch at a place where they sell indigenous chocolate.  And yes, we bought some.  Now gotta get ready for dinner at Plaza Grande.

Hasta Luego.  Me Tired.

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elena is pretty much my mom