Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Same and Different

In this edition of my blog I'll talk about things that are similar, but different here in Ecuador.

Same: Lots of pharmacies all over the place
Diff: You don't need a prescription, except for certain drugs (like narcotics)

Same: They use toilet paper
Diff: They throw the used ones in the garbage, as they clog toilet (same as most developing countries)

Same: On the trolleys people are packed like sardines (just like Green Line Boston)
Diff: The trolleys are actually buses, and the fare is only 25 cents.

Same: Lots of crazy taxi drivers
Diff: They are mostly from this country

Same: You shake hands, or kiss/hug a friend when you see them on the street
Diff: You shake hands AGAIN when you say goodbye, even if you talked to them for 10 seconds.  This makes for A LOT of hand shaking.  I cut my right hand the other day and now every time I meet someone it hurts.

Same: People give you a hard time for being vegetarian.
Diff: No. Pretty much the same.

Same: They love to watch TV.
Diff: Malcolm in the Middle seems to be their favorite show.  (Based on my family's viewing.)

Same: Women get lots of ultrasounds in pregnancy and always carry the pics around
Diff: They often get minimal other prenatal care

Same: Drunk people get lacerations when drunk
Diff: After you sew them up, you can send them home drunk

Same: Kids go to school
Diff: They all wear uniforms to school, like good Catholics

Same: They play a lot of football on the weekends
Diff: They play fUtbol (i.e. it is soccer and not really football)

Same: Lots of dogs
Diff: They roam around all over without any collars.  And they bark ALL the time.

Same: The signs on public transportation are in Spanish
Diff: They are not also in English

Ok that's it for now.  This one took a lot of thinking. More next time.

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Lori said...

also your sister is not there so that makes things really different